Wedding Photography Trends To Try Out

One major fact about wedding photography that cliewedding photographer Berkshirents and aspiring wedding photographers should know is that the field is ever changing and evolving.

This leads to more opportunities to create amazing wedding pictures that tug at the heart strings of many. Although there are some who prefer the traditional wedding photography which gets the job done effectively and efficiently, there are others who want to break free from the box and try something bold and new. This line of thinking prompted an influx of creative and out of this world ideas that has molded the many stylish and amazing wedding photography trends that are gracing our social media accounts. Gone are the standard, boring “stand-up straight” wedding portraits of the 1980s and hello to the crazy, colorful wedding pictures of 2017. Here are a few trends that might interest you for your wedding photography. Hiring out a wedding photographer Berkshire is hard but it isn’t impossible.

One wedding photography trend gracing the world is the “wild style” or wedding photography which involves going into the wild.

What started out as an awareness campaign soon grew into a global trend with couples wanting to do pictures in the nearest wildlife preserve. Of course, don’t have to go to Africa to get these amazing wedding shots. Your local town may have woodland or a small plain which you can run around and be one with nature in. Posing next to wild flowers and sturdy trees are great ideas of Bridals. Just make sure you do the wedding photography in a way that doesn’t disturb the wildlife in the area. Talk to your local park ranger and arrange the wedding photography. Soon enough you’ll have your Tarzan like Bridal pictures. If you aren’t too keen on this trend, you needn’t worry.

There are other trends you can try out like the vintage theme wedding photography trend. Talk about a blast from the past, this wedding photography trend is all about recreating the past in your wedding pictures. This is great news for those old soul couples who wish to relieve the 1930s in their wedding pictures. Make the groom do a Great Gatsby pose and bride in lace. Look for old buildings and houses to exhaust this theme and have the best vintage wedding photography. The best part of this wedding photography trend is it never gets old no matter what year. Try to see if you can keep this in mind when you are hiring out your wedding photographer Berkshire.

With the advent of technology more and more complicated wedding photography shots can be done.

One wedding photography trend which is now possible because of modern day technology is aerial wedding shots. With the nifty drone, couples can now have their whole wedding landscape captured on film for future generations to see. Nowadays, almost everyone has an aerial shot of their wedding and it would be awesome if you had one too. The last trend is the break away from conventional wedding pictures which has strict poses to candid story telling wedding photography. This trend got so popular that a specialized photography style is now dedicated to it. The documentary wedding photography style seeks to capture the natural occurring events during a wedding and bind them together to tell the story of the bride and groom.

This trend allows freedom for the people attending the wedding as it has no imposed poses and facial expression, it encourage people to be as natural and candid as ever which is awesome news for those who don’t know how to work it like a model. No matter what trend you choose, it is important that you enjoy your wedding and wedding photography in order to bring out the best wedding pictures. Check out wedding photographer Berkshire ( if you have a need for a photographer for your wedding in the area.