Wedding Photographer Edinburgh Must-Have Qualities

wedding photographer EdinburghIf you are someone in search of a wedding photographer Edinburgh for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared the important key element you must see in your wedding photographer. If you pay attention enough, you’ll see that, although not easy, it’s not impossible to find one photographer that fits these important qualities.


Don’t listen to people that tell you experience does not matter. So far, the experience is still believed to be one of the best teachers to rely on. Photographers who are experienced can tell if certain things won’t work and discuss with you to make sure that everything will go smoothly. These people also know firsthand what they should prepare to prevent possible problems.

Experience also tells us a lot about what this person is most capable of doing. In particular, we can know his style and take on wedding pictures and picture ourselves in his style.


It is rare to find a photographer that specializes in wedding photography. But, not impossible. This site’s owner,, is a wedding photographer Edinburgh who focuses on only wedding photography. So, what’s with not expanding to the other line of work?

Although all of them revolves around taking pictures, each line of work is different in style, way to set your camera and techniques. They all demand different approaches and they require days and years of practices. Someone who is solely focused on enhancing his photography skills for wedding pictures is better rather than someone who does everything.


Wedding photography can become a lucrative business. And once someone loses his priority from gaining quality pictures to gaining as many jobs as possible, you are bound to sacrifice your quality. The quality-maintainer is the person who takes on the job when he knows he can do it at his maximum performance. There are just too many people who go as far as accepting multiple weddings in a single week, causing him unable to focus on one or all of them.


When you’re about to take the pictures of someone’s special day, you ought to know that you’ve got only one shot to do that. And because of this, your wedding photographer should see it important enough to do everything he can in his power to get to know about you. You and your partner are going to be the main characters of the day, making it important to be able to see the event the way you do.

This photographer will look forward to talking with you and hearing about your story. He will also want to ask you questions and try to get along with you.

Time investor

Getting to know about you and your wedding will surely take time. No wedding is the same because nobody is the same. Thus, it’s important that your photographer is willing to go through the way to meet up with you, attend your wedding rehearsal, and arrive earlier to the venue.

Sacrificing all those hours to make sure that they deliver only the best quality of pictures, isn’t that the typical professional wedding photographer Edinburgh you want?

Wedding Photographer In Edinburgh Starter Tips

wedding photographyOne thing to help you get started as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh is for you to work your way from the bottom going up. Do not be choosy with the opportunities that you are presented with at first. The thing is, even if you would like to or prefer to, you will not be getting the most glamorous photography jobs to begin with. People will always go for someone a little more experienced and a little more well reputed in what he does and you can’t really blame them or hold this against them. After all, a wedding is a milestone in anyone’s life.

Any person in his or her right mind would want to go for the best possible option all of the time. It just so happens that you are not the best yet but that is something that you will be able to work out in the long run. Be happy with what you get right now and make the most out of it and do your best as much as possible. You can always start from the bottom but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay there all of the time. You will always be able to get things to progress for as long as you do not stop working on it

Be surrounded by the right people

Surround yourself with people who can support you and all of your goals and aspirations as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh. The journey towards success in what you do as a professional wedding photographer will not turn out to be the easiest one that you need to tackle. There will be a lot of times wherein you will feel like just giving everything up all at once. You have to understand, this is no joke and this is no small thing. This kind of career requires tremendous sacrifices and hard work to be made from the get go and although you might turn out to be the most hardworking and the most dedicated wedding photographer out there, there will be times wherein it just won’t be enough at all. You are still going to need the support and the help of good and well meaning friends and even relatives somewhere along the way. Constantly seek out the company of people who continue to inspire you and who understands the kind of circumstance you are in as a starter wedding photographer when it all comes down to it.

Give yourself a little more time to learn the ropes of the industry.

You will not be able to figure everything out all in one go as a newbie wedding photographer in Edinburgh. Being a wedding photographer requires a highly technical background. Prepare yourself for constant upgrades, workshops, seminar, classes and the like. You will always be a work in progress and it is a kind of work that is eventual. Don’t be impatient with yourself and with the progress that you are making. It may be a little bit at a time but it is progress nonetheless.