Unique Portrait Photography Tips

Compliment people

portrait photography tipsIf you are looking for portrait photography tips that are a little bit different than what you usually here, then you have come to the right place. To start things off, try to work out the art of complimenting people while you are in the middle of the shoot. Portrait photography is tricky in such a way wherein you need to strike the right kind of balance in getting to know your clients a little bit more and in getting them to communicate well enough to the camera so that those deeper details will get to show in the photos that you are trying to go ahead and produce.

One way to make their inner selves come out of their shells would be for you to go ahead and compliment them whenever you are taking portrait shots of them. When people hear good things about themselves, they tend to smile a little and they tend to become extremely appreciative of what they hear and that’s one of the best ways for you to get them to open up to you. Be genuine and sincere in what you are trying to say. People can usually see through fake compliments. Be honest and transparent as much as possible because this is something that can truly show in the pictures that you take.

Over expose your images.

Another interesting item in the portrait photography tips list that can really make things worthwhile is for you to always over expose your images. Over exposure is technically the process of making the background lighting a little too bright than usual. When the background lighting is brighter than usual, it can make the subject stand out from the rest of the background when it all comes down to it. This can help break up the monotony which is usually the case when you are setting the subject up against a fairly plain background. Over exposure is pretty easy to play around with. Try to practice as much as you possibly can because this can really bring out the best out of the portrait shots that you are trying to take at the end of the day.

Improve skin and teeth

Digitally improve the skin and teeth of your subjects as well when taking portrait shots. You have to understand that you do not really have a lot of things to work with for as far as portrait shots are concerned and you need to go ahead and figure that out. A little bit of editing magic can make your photos look so much more different than the usual and that’s a good thing. You can actually balance out the skin tone a little bit better and whiten the teeth a little bit more when you are touching up on some portrait shots. These are little details when you come to think about it but these are details that will nonetheless make your portrait shots so much better than they initially were. These are things that don’t take up too much time to touch up on either.