Five Characters a Dorset Wedding Photographer Must Factor in as the Day Approaches 

dorset wedding photographerWeddings are not like just any other event; they are special in every sense of the word. For one they are not like birthdays and anniversaries which occur quite frequently, more often than not they are a once in a lifetime occasion and as such must be handled with all the care and planning in the world. Another very striking thing about weddings is the fact that there are certain key players in the process.

The bride

She is the beauty in the play, the one everyone seems to be waiting for, the one that has got the groom all excited. The bride all but determines the level of success of the wedding; if she isn’t happy then no one is happy. The bride plays a key role in the organisation and success of the wedding process. Thus keeping her happy is key to the success of the wedding. if the bride is not happy then don’t expect to get beautiful images, not even from the lens of the best Dorset wedding photographer.

The groom

Everyone likes to think of the groom as the one who wins at the end of it all, people see him as the guy in the suit who just can’t wipe the wide grin off his face. The groom is very important as it concerns the organisation and finance of the whole process.

The inlaws

Papa Joe and Mama Joe are certainly some of the happiest people at the venue, they are there to witness a product of their loin and womb doing what they did years before. They are the representation of pride and satisfaction at the wedding venue. Images from the lens of the Best Dorset wedding photographer, shows that they have the biggest and unending smiles on offer for the day.

The best man

he is probably the most eligible guy at the event, acts more like the Aide de Camp of the groom, he seems to be everywhere with the groom, as a matter of fact, he always seems to appear in nearly all of the snapshots for the day. A wise Dorset wedding photographer would be smart enough to recognise and factor him into the scheme of things, also the photographer shouldn’t be too scared to ask the best man to flash a smile or two here or there.

The flower girls

Cute little creatures they are, they just have a way of making the images really cute and pretty, they are more like ornaments for the banquet. It certainly would be very weird to find a Dorset wedding photographer that doesn’t have a tale or two to tell about certain mischievous little fellows who just know how to get into the wrong side of his lens.

The bridal train

The equivalent of the best man, they are the starry-eyed girls that make the photo album appear legendary. This group of people certainly has a way of making the job of any Dorset Wedding Photographer quite easy. Who knows, he may just get himself a bride himself from the lot.