Equipment Needed for Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionCorporate video production involves a lot of considerations and investment. Apart from taking the budget and cost into consideration, what the video is meant for, the ideas behind the video and the messages that the video will be passing across, the next thing to consider would be the essential equipment needed to carry out the video production.

Planning is essential to the success of video production and based on how much is available there are necessary gadgets. Below are some of the tools and equipment that would make the video production process smooth and successful.

  1. Camera

The camera is the most important equipment you need to have. Investing in a very good camera or camcorder is important for the video quality and success of the venture.

  1. Lenses

Depending on the different scenes that will be recorded, different types and ranges of lenses would be required to give the video an expert feel.

  1. Memory Cards

Having spare memory cards on hand is important. Video production takes up a lot of memory space because of video recording and it is preferable to have high-end large memory cards and extras so as to give a smooth recording of video.

  1. Batteries

Having batteries and spare batteries is also very important to the success of a corporate video production, be it camera batteries, flash batteries and so on. You should have these batteries in abundance because one set of batteries might not last the entire duration of the video production and that could lead to poor video quality and a total waste of time.

  1. Light Reflector

The light reflector can come in handy to brighten up some shadowy areas in the video production.

  1. Tripods

Tripods help to maintain image stability and professionalism in a video production setting rather than shooting hand-held which may leave the video looking less professional with a poor video quality.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is just as important because it helps in establishing better image quality. Quality pictures, like those taken by, were perfected with good lighting. More than one source of lighting should be available. In any case, lighting should always be utilized.

  1. Sound

Videos and sounds co-exist. While people want to see what you are doing, they also want to hear what you are saying. To a blind person, for instance, sound is of utmost priority. Investing in good sound is crucial to the success of any video venture. Quality sound helps to project a good overall video quality, rather than having a video production where the sound quality is bad or there are scratchy sounds in the video. It makes production look unprofessional.

  1. Computer

A good computer such as a MacBook or some other PC is a good place to start from. Computers will be used to edit your videos so, they should have a large RAM size, adequate memory storage, and a good screen size as well.

  1. Video Editing Software

Selecting the best video editing software for corporate video production is not hard. There are lots of good video editing software available for ease of use and productivity.

There is other equipment that can be invested in depending on the budget. Whichever way, you want to start with these equipment listed above.