How an Equine Photographer can Take Pictures of Horses

horse photographerBeing an equine photographer is quite strange to a lot of people. They tend to wonder and ask the question, how can you just focus on horses? Or, how easy is it to take shots of horses, especially when in their natural habitat?

Why horses? Because they are fascinating and beautiful animals and I have a certain attraction to them that I can’t begin to explain. On the easy part, it is not so easy. As a matter of fact, it can be a bit difficult, mostly because when they are on the move you can’t just say to them “hey, I want to take a shot so stay still.”

I guess you have been wondering how you are going to pull off taking pictures of horses as a beginner equine photographer. Else, why would you be reading this article? I feel your pain and I want to share some of my experience with you. In the next few paragraphs, I’d be sharing how I take cool pictures of horses and I am certain it will be helpful to you.

Knowing your subject and the shoot venue

To take pictures of horses you need to visit a reserve, horses don’t walk around the streets the way we humans do. Before the day of your shoot, it is advised to make findings of the reserve you want to visit and the horses present there. Find out about their daily routine, the intensity of the sun in the reserve, whether there is a shade from the sun, the species of the horses, and whatever information will be helpful. You should also find out the weather forecast for that day so you don’t get surprised. Find out if there is a hide as well.

Create a makeshift hide

Sometimes there is no hide at the reserve and you need this to get close enough to your subjects. You definitely have to improvise by creating a temporary hide. On a few occasions I have used my car as a hide, it could be really convenient. Horses aren’t really afraid of the hides, they will only get shy and move away when you make rapid movements. You can shoot from your car window or get a perfect distraction for the horses and then shoot your pictures.

Extra equipment

Don’t make the mistake of going for this sort of shoot with just enough. It is always best to go with extra, especially batteries and memory cards. Ensure you have enough backup. After all, why go through all the stress to end up getting stranded?


It is advisable to take your pictures in raw format. The reason for this is that the pictures are more flexible to be edited which is very important for wildlife photography generally. Ensure you carry out all the necessary adjustments to your images before putting them out. Look out for properties like color, white balance, saturation, curves, etc.

Focus more on the eyes

When taking pictures of wildlife, which includes equine species, you should focus on the eyes. Every other thing can get blurred, but not the eyes. It is better they are nice and sharp.

I believe this guide has been helpful to your quest for knowledge on how to take pictures of horses as an equine photographer. Try them out and thank us at Emma Ziff later.

How Long You should Expect to Get Your Wedding Photos Back

alternative wedding photographerSo you’ve arrived back from your honeymoon and it’s been a week since your alternative wedding photographer finished taking photos of your wedding moments, and yet you haven’t received any news nor samples of your edited wedding photos. Is it normal? Are the results gonna worth the wait?

Those are the questions that couples would ask themselves when waiting for their wedding photos sent back to them. To some extent, waiting for your wedding photos indeed is a pain in the ass. However, you should be aware that somewhere out there, your photographer is working hard to work wonders with your photos.

Extensive editing process

One thing that you should know is that once a wedding is finished, the work of a photographer is just getting started. He would need to take a look of each photo that he took and determine the best ones to be put in the photo album. In addition, he is also expected to do the required editing measures to each and every photo.

This is what makes it a long-standing process, hence the wait. To ensure that every single photo is uploaded to the photo editor platform alone, a photographer could spend several days, not to mention if there’s any error in the process. And don’t mention the editing process (this is where your photographer could turn average photos into a real deal), as it could take months, if not weeks, to complete. Moreover, your wedding most likely is not the only project he works on. There are more than thousands of photos that he needs to get done at the same time.

Most of the times, the number of staff your alternative wedding photographer hires also determines the duration of editing process that he would get through. Interestingly, some professional photographers refure to hire anyone to do the editing process simply because they want the best results for you. So, you should ask him in advance about whether he has staff backing him up or not.

Normally, wedding photos should be ready within 3 to 12 weeks after the wedding. However, if after 12 weeks there is no news nor notification from your photographer, you should start proactively contacting him and asking him directly. One thing you should keep in mind is that he will never intend to let you down, so you should consider asking him nicely without intimidating.

Tips for overcoming your worries

There are a number of tips that you could follow to prevent any worries while waiting for your wedding photos sent back to you. Those tips include the following:

  • Make sure to establish a contract with your photographer just in case something goes unintentionally wrong. This is to provide more insurance to the services he provides
  • You should clarify several things upfront before sealing the deal with your photographer. Some key questions like what style does he use or what included in the service package are would be crucial for you to establish a mutual trust with your photographer
  • Ask for samples of his work to be sent within the first two weeks or so. This is to ensure that he actually is working on our project

To find the best alternative wedding photographer, you could start looking at Fotomaki Photography. This is the place where everything is handled professionally. You could trust them to take care of your most special wedding moments.

Lighting Techniques for Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyWhen it comes to natural wedding photography, the lighting can be a bit difficult to work with- particularly if you are newer to the techniques of it. However, there are a few easy tricks you can learn or pick up on to make these techniques a bit easier to get used to.

  • Positioning of the Couple

If you can understand how to position a couple so that the lights can catch them just right, then you’ve already won half the battle. The other half is positioning the lights themselves. You have to keep in mind the various types of lighting and how it can apply to using the lights that are already around you.

For example, you wouldn’t want to use only the sun in the middle of a bright day, you may find it more suitable to position a couple under the shade of a tree or building where the light is somewhat dimmed. With that shadowing, you can position your model however you see fit without having to worry too much about the sun glaring down on them.

  • Positioning the Camera

Just as with the sunlight, the reverse of this principle applies at darker times. For example: with natural wedding photography, if you have a bride and groom dancing during the night when there are only dimmed lights, you will want to position yourself to where you can catch a beautifully lit picture that’s just bright enough for you to see both bride and groom.

This can be achieved by placing the camera in the darker area of the room, and allowing the bride and groom to reach a placement where the dim lights that surround them are just bright enough for you to get a perfect candid photo of their dance.

  • Using What is Available to You

When you are using natural lighting, remember that it doesn’t actually entirely exclude artificial lights. It just excludes any lighting equipment and what isn’t already there available and ready for you to use. Decoration lights and normal lamps are not only perfectly acceptable, but also completely encouraged.

With the artificial lights, you have some more leeway in the movement and situating of where the light comes from. You can redirect it to wherever you see fit, which will open up endless possibilities for you to explore. These light sources can be moved or shrouded however necessary for the image you wish to create, without affecting the nature of the image.

Natural wedding photography does not mean cutting out unnatural light. It just means only using what is already around you, such as the normal lights you would see in a living room or at a dance hall. These lights can be utilized and manipulated in many ways, using normal everyday items or even just by having the model stand a certain way.

Knowing where to place the model and the times of day to use certain lighting techniques is key in natural wedding photography for Boho Chic Weddings, just as well as knowing how to utilize and change the lights that already exist around you without completely changing the scene.

Ways a Photographer Surrey Can Grow The Business

photographer SurreyYou do not need to be told before you understand that every picture a photographer Surrey captures is a memory saved. That is the beauty of photography. It is all about capturing the events and moments that define life and make them all the more beautiful. Behind the lens, a photographer wields the ability to freeze the moments for couples and ensure that they can forever have access to them when they feel the need for it.

For a photographer, the possibilities are endless when it comes to showcasing your talent. There is no saying that you have to be restricted to a certain scope. If you don’t know how best to sell your services to the public, then take a look at the tips below:

  • Define the Services and Products You Offer

What separates you from every other photographer out there? Can a client separate the products you offer from your rival? The thing about a highly competitive field like photography is that most of the products and services are homogenous (all involve capturing images). It is he way you go about branding them that separates you from others offering the same thing.

You need to have a distinct identity separate from others. The identity can be in your location, the style you focus on and the subject you utilize. All these things can help you build an identity for yourself as a photographer that is unique from others. Therefore, when clients are looking for something different, there is a lesser chance of them overlooking you thinking you’re just like every other photographer.

Identity really matters! A lot of photographer shave made the mistake of not defining themselves and not clearly stating their position thinking it gives them a better chance of getting a large market.

  • Identify your market

Another mistake a photographer Surrey is likely to make is assuming that the whole world is his possible market. There is no way you can conquer the whole market if you don’t have a good strategy. That is why defining your identity is very important. From building an identity, it becomes easy for you to identify who your clients should be.

An example is, if you decide to focus on wedding photographs within Surrey, then your market should be couples within Surrey getting married soon. You can then define a strategy that helps you capture this market.

  • Marketing Plan

The next thing after identifying a market is to create a suitable marketing plan that can sell your defined products to them. Marketing is not a one-off thing. It is not something you can just do once and forget about it. It is a consistent effort which needs to be done a regular basis to ensure your visibility is high in the presence of customers.

There are different ways to go about marketing your services to various clients. You can make use of social media platforms, visit networking events, post ads, share pamphlets etc. the possibilities are endless.

For more information on what a photographer Surrey should do to grow the business, visit

Fine Art Wedding Photography for Your Fine Wedding Pictures

fine art wedding photographyThere are many styles of wedding photography such as documentary and fine art wedding photography. This time, we want to talk about what fine art wedding photography is and why you will love it. It’s especially important to also consider the photographer that is doing it because not all photographers are good in fine art style.

Fine art is a style that typically focuses on the visual quality of the pictures captured. The origin of fine art is somewhat different, but that’s for another time to talk about. In wedding photography, the photographer focuses on the aesthetic side of the pictures, aiming to capture from the best possible angle, giving you the most impressive pictures to remember by.

This doesn’t mean that the photographer is not focused on capturing scenes that don’t seem aesthetic enough. Professional photographers these days also focus on everything that is vital in wedding pictures; not missing the important moments and taking as many pictures as possible.

Fine art is also a beautiful style if you are the type that loves aesthetic pictures.

The right photographer will know how to be aesthetic the way you love it to be. They know how to be creative with the location and making the most out of everything, even the things that you never thought would look good!

It’s also important to point out that fine art wedding photography can really depend on the photographer. Each of them has a different style and none is the same. Just because someone shoot in fine art style, doesn’t mean that person is going to shoot the way you want him to. It really depends on the style of that person and also your preferences.

Usually, you can visit sites like that provides professional fine art wedding photography service to look at the portfolios of the photographer that you want. This is one of the best ways to see if you are looking at the right wedding photographer for you.

Reason to love it

Fine art wedding photographer loves to take gorgeous and stunning pictures. They are always looking for ways to make people stop at their track as they look at your pictures. They know that you are going to love the pictures you get and be proud enough to hang them in your living room.

But don’t think that fine art wedding photographer is never good enough to take sentimental pictures as documentary photographers do. They also know the importance of that as a wedding is an event full of emotions, marking the big change happening in your life.

It’s only a matter of finding the wedding photographer that knows your preferences and capture it the way you want it to. It’s about finding the wedding photographer that knows what you want and willing to go far to do what they can for you.

Fine art wedding photography is a very beautiful approach to wedding pictures, capturing moments that are so beautiful, you can feel it emanated by the picture. It’s the photographer’s skill in making sure that the pictures will come out as stunning and magical as how you felt on that very day.

Equipment Needed for Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionCorporate video production involves a lot of considerations and investment. Apart from taking the budget and cost into consideration, what the video is meant for, the ideas behind the video and the messages that the video will be passing across, the next thing to consider would be the essential equipment needed to carry out the video production.

Planning is essential to the success of video production and based on how much is available there are necessary gadgets. Below are some of the tools and equipment that would make the video production process smooth and successful.

  1. Camera

The camera is the most important equipment you need to have. Investing in a very good camera or camcorder is important for the video quality and success of the venture.

  1. Lenses

Depending on the different scenes that will be recorded, different types and ranges of lenses would be required to give the video an expert feel.

  1. Memory Cards

Having spare memory cards on hand is important. Video production takes up a lot of memory space because of video recording and it is preferable to have high-end large memory cards and extras so as to give a smooth recording of video.

  1. Batteries

Having batteries and spare batteries is also very important to the success of a corporate video production, be it camera batteries, flash batteries and so on. You should have these batteries in abundance because one set of batteries might not last the entire duration of the video production and that could lead to poor video quality and a total waste of time.

  1. Light Reflector

The light reflector can come in handy to brighten up some shadowy areas in the video production.

  1. Tripods

Tripods help to maintain image stability and professionalism in a video production setting rather than shooting hand-held which may leave the video looking less professional with a poor video quality.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is just as important because it helps in establishing better image quality. Quality pictures, like those taken by, were perfected with good lighting. More than one source of lighting should be available. In any case, lighting should always be utilized.

  1. Sound

Videos and sounds co-exist. While people want to see what you are doing, they also want to hear what you are saying. To a blind person, for instance, sound is of utmost priority. Investing in good sound is crucial to the success of any video venture. Quality sound helps to project a good overall video quality, rather than having a video production where the sound quality is bad or there are scratchy sounds in the video. It makes production look unprofessional.

  1. Computer

A good computer such as a MacBook or some other PC is a good place to start from. Computers will be used to edit your videos so, they should have a large RAM size, adequate memory storage, and a good screen size as well.

  1. Video Editing Software

Selecting the best video editing software for corporate video production is not hard. There are lots of good video editing software available for ease of use and productivity.

There is other equipment that can be invested in depending on the budget. Whichever way, you want to start with these equipment listed above.

Finding a Professional Wedding Photography Yorkshire Service

wedding photography YorkshireHow are you able to book yourself a wedding photography Yorkshire service without an experience in it? There is always a first to everything, but the wedding is definitely a first you don’t want to mess up at all. That includes knowing which wedding photography service to get.

And now, the problem isn’t that you can’t find any, it’s that you don’t know which one to choose from. If you take a quick look at their sites, they look like they take amazing wedding pictures. That makes price the next big factor to make your choice on. But hold up! Don’t make that choice before you read this!

The most important thing that you need to deal with right now isn’t finding the right people, but to know yourself first. What is your budget and what is your preferred style? Most people that we know have set a budget but are not sure with what they want. That’s fine because it also means that you are more likely to feel satisfied with the results from different photographers.

But what happens next is that some couples made their choice because they find someone cheaper. We are not saying that a cheaper photographer is equal to low work quality. But, you could have made a better choice!

After you go through many wedding photographers’ sites, narrow down the choice to the ones that you like and within your budget. Make a list of them and set a date to meet up with the photographer for consultation. You want to know the people behind the camera by having a good conversation over a cup of coffee and maybe a few cookies.

When you talk to them, you will see who have the better wedding photography Yorkshire service to offer, like Boho Chic weddings. It’s not just the price, but how they are treating their client’s matter as well.

This person might have a real photographer’s eye, but he doesn’t have the capacity to listen to requests and shoot based on that. For example, you have a particular idea with your bridesmaids, but your photographer can’t help you with that. In wedding photography Yorkshire, you need to have someone who is ready to shoot the way his clients want him to.

But this is definitely different from trying to push your photographer to work the way you want him to! Make a note to not try to give commands to photographers; they are not your workers, but partners in the job. You are the models and they are the photographers. You can ask to be shown the pictures they just took and ask the photographer to retake again if you feel like it’s not good enough.

Check out their blogs as well!

Photographers who regularly update their blogs will be able to show you their most recent works. This means you are constantly seeing the quality of the wedding pictures they work on. And from there, you can easily decide if you want that wedding photography Yorkshire for yourself or not!

Why a Dundee Photographer is better than Your Family Member

Dundee photographerYour wedding is an extraordinary day of celebration of your love, a coming together as one with your fiancé, and for both of your families to have a chance to get closer. Weddings make people generous, especially your family. One of your adorable cousins or uncles may offer to be your wedding photographer for free, and the idea may be tempting so you can shave off a few thousand dollars off your budget in hiring a Dundee photographer. And that may seem like a great thing because dear cousin or charming uncle have expensive cameras, but if they are not professional wedding photographers, it is best to politely decline and tell them you want them to focus enjoying the wedding instead, so they won’t miss any fun.

Reasons why you should not have a family member shoot your wedding day

You cannot afford to take a chance of not having a perfect batch of wedding photos of your precious day that you will treasure for the rest of your life. There are numerous reasons why you should not leave capturing the best day of your life to a family member, and the top reasons are:

Skill and professionalism

A Dundee photographer with professional skills and vast experience in creating photos that will melt your heart is what you need for your big day. Your loving family member will not be able to fully capture the exact happy mood of the wedding day, will not be skilled enough to freeze time and record the special moments forever. And as heartwarming as it is to receive that offer, your relative do not have what it takes to capture the joyful glint of your eyes that will turn into beautiful photographs in an heirloom of wedding photos.

High quality equipment

Your doting relative may have an expensive camera, but a Dundee photographer spends a lot of money for high quality cameras, lighting, and lenses. Chris Scott Photography has the superior passion for wedding photography and is extremely capable of capturing the beauty of love, and creates history from your timeless moments filled with emotion. No matter how grand or expensive a camera is, if your beloved family member has not fully studied all the specs and does not have the experience to use the camera in a professional level, your photographs will not reflect what you want to see.

Event detachment

The biggest risk in allowing a dear relative to take photos on your wedding day is the attachment to the wedding guests. Of course, as a member of your family, your endearing relative will definitely join the guests, enjoy the festivities, and will not give full focus on taking the necessary photographs of your wedding day. You cannot rewind your wedding day just to get the beautiful photographs you want, so you need to be smart about it and hire a professional Dundee photographer who knows what to do, who is not affiliated with anyone except as a wedding photographer, and one who will be completely focused on taking candid photos and portrait photographs for you to reminisce by in the later years.

Types of Newborn Photography Raleigh NC

newborn photography Raleigh NCThere are mainly two types of newborn photography style that you can see. If you plan to book for one in the future, but not sure of which one you will like, here’s your guide to the types of newborn photography Raleigh NC you can get.

Most photographers are able to do both and none is better than the other. Although, some photographers may do better in one than the other. It’s all a matter of personal preferences!

Lifestyle newborn photography

Photographers generally suggest lifestyle if you like the pictures to look natural. This is because the pictures are taken at your home, or if that choice doesn’t seem good for the photographer, at a house that is better designed for it. You can suggest the place that you want to use for the pictures. Typically, people want to use their own house or the place where the baby will be raised in.

Lifestyle is a rather simple method where the photographer will come first during your pregnancy to check the house. He will want to discuss the rooms that he wants to use and what you may need to prepare. You can probably clean up the room or have all the baby needs in the nursery room. If there is any decoration that you want to add, remember to do them before the baby arrives!

The photographer won’t take a lot of props, though, it depends on the photographer and your preference. Some parents prepare some of their own props to be used. Too many props will also distract the attention from the background that is also their home.

And next up, we have formal style newborn photography.

Formal/traditional newborn photography

The two terms can be used interchangeably. This style can be easily seen in Formal newborn photography Raleigh NC makes use of a lot of props by the photographer as you can see. Some accessories for babies can also be borrowed for the session, though, the baby is seen naked most of the time.

If you go for a formal style, you have to visit the photographer at his or her studio with your newborn baby there. Because the session will take place there where the photographer has prepared everything from background, lighting to the necessary props. All you need to bring is your baby’s and your own personal needs for post-labor.

In a formal session, the photographer will use a lot of props and it’s always a good idea to ask to be shown the props that will be used. You can also ask about this when you meet the photographer before and mention if there is any kind of props you want to see or to be excluded. You can also ask the photographer to show examples of pictures with that particular prop.

Whichever style it is, it’s important that you find the right person for the job. A photographer can be good in one style and not the other. Checking the portfolios of these people for newborn photography Raleigh NC will show you what they prefer to work on.

Asian Wedding Photography: 4 Professional Signs

asian wedding photographyYou want to find a real professional in Asian wedding photography, but you are probably stuck at how to identify if the photographer is a real pro. We know that there are a lot of photographers who call themselves so, but they actually have low ratings from clients. You need to know how and while having zero experience in looking for one, you might have little to depend on.

Let us help you to identify them and we’re happy to tell you that you don’t have to be an expert in photography to do it. Just read this article and bookmark it as you meet up with photographers. If the photographers are able to appeal to everything we said, we can assure you he’s a professional.

Not cheap

Price cannot define if a product is of high-quality or not. But one thing we know is that people won’t charge low if they cannot gain from it. Similarly, a photographer won’t be giving you such a cheap price for a service that everyone else charges high. They need to earn and we can assure you that there is a catch to the price given.

We can assure you that the photographer is going to compromise on the quality of the pictures. Unless this is someone you know of and is giving you a price out of the relationship you have, you cannot trust this person. Just walk out and find someone else.


The next sign is that you are supposed to hear recommendations of the photographer from others. It gives them a better credibility if there are people giving positive reviews to the photographer. And because of that, we’d like to recommend He’s one of the best Asian wedding photography service provider and is an Indian himself. It makes him one of the best choice because culture isn’t a problem anymore.

Recommendations can also come from forums. Although the comments there can be altered, there are still some credible sites where you can get more detailed reviews of wedding photographers.


Yes, this is predicted as always, but we still wish to elaborate on this part. There are many experienced photographers who just never improved and cannot be recommended. We are referring to experienced and professional Asian wedding photographers. This photographer has to be well-versed in Asian’s wedding culture. It’s important because certain traditions mean a lot and need to have pictures well-taken from.

Experienced also means that the photographer has worked on a similar venue before and is able to show you some pictures of it. It will allow you to better assess his skills based on this.


That particular photographer who always listens and provide solutions to your concerns, that’s the kind of photographer you need. The both of you aren’t exactly that experienced in preparing a wedding, so you need someone who knows how to do it.

But it’s not just about being a nice person; you need him to be able to actually provide you with a concrete evidence that he can do it. One way to do this is to invite him to your rehearsal and practice for your Asian wedding photography or test him through an engagement photography session.

Is it Okay to Not Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

As you share the great news with all your family members, you begin to receive a row of congratulations emails and calls. Among them, there are some who are very eager to offer help, such as covering the position of wedding photographers Billericay.

Well, that sounds like a good idea, you can save $4,000 on the way! Have you forgotten something, though?

What they can do

A lot of those people who offer for help in becoming your wedding photographer don’t know this. A professional isn’t just someone who takes great shots. Those great shots don’t just happen. They make preparations behind the scene and years of experience shapes their perspectives, molding their view into capturing the wedding perfectly.

That kind person who offered his help, though, he might be someone with a hobby in photography. Sure, he’s got the camera, but he probably doesn’t have sufficient equipment for various situations. He doesn’t even have the experience of shooting a wedding party! And you are trusting one of the most important future heirlooms to this person.

What you pay

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you pay a few thousand dollars which include hours of coverage, editing, consultation and pictures in various sizes and forms. Your photographer will also handle the template for the wedding album; all you need to do is approve and comment on them. The thousands of dollars you are paying worth more than this, though.

You are hiring professional wedding photographers Billericay who have the necessary skills and experience. Some are even trusted partners by the venue, making them more reliable. They are also dedicated to the job, meaning zero distractions throughout the day and night. The end products? You can see for yourself at one of the wedding photographers Billericay site,


We are about to mention all the bad things about not using a professional wedding photographer to do the job. Sit back, relax, sip some coffee and try to remain calm.

Beginners or non-professional are more likely to go confused and blank with what they should take pictures of. Sure, they can get a hang of it if they search on Google, but on an actual day, they really need to remember all of it because no one is going to stop for your photographer. Not mention, they have to be taken from the right angle.

Then, your photographer probably didn’t pay attention to the usual amount of wedding pictures a professional usually get. The more, the better for you. But it doesn’t mean that the photographer should spam taking pictures of the same object.

If the photographer is young, that person is more likely to stick with the fly-on-the-wall mode. Younger photographers are more hesitant in disrupting the conversation of older people. But elder photographers are more daring in doing so, always eager to make everyone look at the camera. Both are good and bad in their own sense, such as not getting the picture you want for hesitating and disrupting others just to make them look.

Hiring professional wedding photographers Billericay is the best choice to make. What else do you need to think about, it’s your wedding pictures that are at stake!

You Must Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer: Here’s Why

natural wedding photographyWedding preparation is one of the most serious thing life. You want to only give your best to it because it’s a once in a lifetime happening. It’s a day you celebrate a new journey with your significant one and we don’t want to forget to congratulate you on that.

But we also hate to see you regretting your choice and that’s why we are going to tell you why you need a natural wedding photography service.

Pictures last the longest

Nothing last forever. Everything you prepared for your wedding day will only last until the end of that day. Afterward, everyone will go back to their own life. It’s a very significant day for you, but what will you do if you don’t have anything left to remember that day again? All the preparations, money, the effort will just fly by and you won’t be able to go back to that time anymore.

What if you want to share your memories with your children and grandchildren later on? Nothing beats going through old albums with your beloved grandkids that are full of curiosity.

Professional help

A professional photographer won’t just take pictures, edit them and leave you to figure out the rest. Whenever possible, you can always consult with them regarding your wedding preparation. As a matter of fact, professionals know much more about these things than you and they may have some great suggestions you can follow.

For example, if you look through natural wedding photography pictures by, you’ll see that these pictures are so well-taken. Everything seems to be perfect; from the background down to the lighting, nothing is missing. But note that interior design also matters and it cannot be perfect without the couple observing the whole process and know what works and what not.

Professional care

Perhaps, there are some of you who think that if pictures matter so much, but you don’t want to spend too much, you can just let your uncle or nephew take the pictures. It doesn’t matter who does it, so long as they know how to take pictures.

Well, wedding photography isn’t as simple as ‘taking pictures’. One needs a keen eye to sought great moments and angles. A wedding venue may have a great backdrop and lots of people like to take pictures in the same way. But a professional wedding photographer has the capability to take the pictures from a much different angle.

Those with the experience, talent, and skill of a photographer will be able to take gorgeous wedding pictures that you don’t want to part with. They are not just pictures from your wedding, but pictures that are so well calculated, taken, and edited.

It’s all about the best

Everything is about making the best out of your wedding party. You will not have a second wedding with this person and this is your only chance to take gorgeous pictures of the bride in her stunning dress and the groom in his dashing look. Hiring a natural wedding photography is worth all the dollars you invest, you can trust me on that.

Dislikes of a Wedding Photographer You Must Know

photographer in YorkIs there anything that wedding photographers dislike in general? Yes, there is! Actually, there are quite some that clients over the years keep on repeating. To top it off, they can’t actually tell you off or complain too much about it! A photographer in York tried to hint about it, but sometimes, we just don’t think that it’s that much of a bother.

Well, it’s always good to know that these dislikes can actually affect their work performance and you don’t want that to happen.

Handing them lists of things to shoot

That list is one of the ridiculous thing ever invented. List of things a professional photographer must shoot is like telling a chef which ingredient should be used. If you’re hiring a professional, let that person do what he’s best in. It’s something that you should be relying on, not controlling over.

A photographer works by head and instinct. Handing them a list will get in their way because they don’t have time to look back at the list constantly. The underlying idea is good; you don’t want them to miss a thing on your wedding and they might forget some. But if it hinders their performance, this isn’t something you should shove them in the middle of their work!

Not talking things out

Another group of clients thinks that their photographer is quite professional that they don’t have much to talk about. All they need to do is come and they’ll know what they need to do and they’ll give them the best wedding pictures ever.

A photographer in York with the site, explains that this is a ridiculous situation. Under what kind of spell can a photographer just suddenly know what to do?

A photographer has to discuss and plan things out with you in among your busy schedule that day. Do you like to have the session done early in the morning, or between the morning and evening break? What kind of style do you prefer? How many group pictures are you planning to take? How big is the party and will a second shooter be necessary?

Unwanted second shooter(S)

During the ceremony part, some churches don’t allow the photographer to take any pictures at all. That rule applied to everyone in there and here’s the problem: the match to who gets in front first always happens. You need to inform the guests that your photographer will get the best position to take your picture.

It’s your photographer’s works that are going to end up in your hand, not those people’s!

No rehearsal

Some conditions prevent you from having a rehearsal day and it’s understandable. Usually, if the wedding venue is too far, no rehearsals will be done. In this situation, the best option to go with is to have the photographer arrive earlier to scout the location.

But if you can, invite your photographer. You don’t know how much it’s going to affect your photographer because it can help them understand a lot of things. From knowing the size of the family to test shooting is some locations in the venue. It will save the photographer in York’s time a lot on the actual wedding day.

Fine Print: Why You Need to Check it Again

Cardiff wedding photographerWhat could be contained in a fine print? There are a lot of statements in there that cause couples and their photographers to face each other in a court. Obviously, it’s something you can avoid from doing as much as possible if you’re careful about your contract.

Before giving the final sign on the wedding contract with your Cardiff wedding photographer, here’s what you should remember.

You might not understand everything

There’s the chance that you might have not understood everything that was on the fine print. It’s probably because you were very enthusiastic to close the deal with your photographer that you let go some of the important points. If you haven’t signed yet, good, be sure to really check the content and clarify them with your photographer.

Understanding the content will help you to anticipate if problem arises. For example, when pictures result wasn’t up to standard or promised expectation or when they worked less than promised hours, you have a base to sue or demand from them.

Who’ll be your photographer

You want the person you had long discussions with to be your main photographer. You don’t want to be sent a beginner or amateur to shoot your special day. That said, if the fine print states that anyone could shoot, you don’t have a choice. However, if it has not clearly stated so, you can still bring this up.

It’s a better choice to hire your Cardiff wedding photographer from Because this person doesn’t cheat his clients by, for example, sending less experienced people when they are promised his skills. He’ll look forward to working professionally with everyone, because that’s how his reputation is maintained.

Your pictures copyright

You also need to remember that you might be faced with issues regarding copyright if you accidentally posted your own wedding pictures! Why? Because the real owner of those pictures is the person who took the pictures. You’d have to oblige to what they say and refrain from posting pictures that you don’t ‘own’.

There are still photographers who give the copyright directly to their clients once they finish editing the files. However, nowadays, it’s getting rare as more and more photographers fall victim to the misuse of their works. You might need to discuss about it if you’re eager to have the copyright to yourself. It tends to be costly.

Other terms

There are also other terms you need to pay attention, such as if the main photographer is rendered impossible to attend. What will happen then? Will someone replace him or will the client be compensated? The kind of compensation your photographer will give depends on what’s stated there.

There’s also in the case of injuries or damages that happen during the wedding party. If your photographer is insured, he can easily cover those damages. Remember to ask to be shown of his proof of insurance.

Don’t forget the details of hours, number of pictures, date as well as how many people will become the photographers have to be stated clearly and accurately. Only then should you sign the contract with your Cardiff wedding photographer.

Reportage: The Truth About It

gay wedding photographerWhen you look for a reportage gay wedding photographer, you don’t know if they are telling the truth and if that’s the real reportage style. Yeah, it’s true that there are a lot of photographers out there who don’t know what they are doing and shove random black and white pictures to people and telling them it’s reportage.

Concerned by this fact, we’d like to educate clients with a fact about reportage and the real value of it. This is because a lot of poor quality reportage pictures are spreading and it’s losing its value as a selling point.

The art of storytelling

There are many ways to tell a story and one of the most effective ways is through pictures. That’s reportage photography. The art of storytelling through a set of pictures. You’ve probably seen tons of black and white and candid pictures that are often tagged with the word reportage, but what does that mean?

The art of reportage is always showing things in the most realistic way. It’s quite the opposite of traditional or posed style of taking pictures. With reportage, everybody does not notice the existence of the camera, as if they are in a movie as the camera rolls around them recording all the moment.

It’s not an easy trick. With reportage style, one has to possess the ability to become a stealthy gay wedding photographer, like There’s a necessity to talk and find out more about the wedding from their clients beforehand, too. This is because they will spend a lot of time together and the photographer is likely to take pictures of them without asking or saying anything at all.

Why black and white?

If you type reportage photography on Google, you’ll see a lot of black and white pictures. The documentary style of photographing emerged when black and white cameras were still prevalent. Until today, we still have the image that black and white stand side-by-side with timelessness.

That’s the essence of wedding pictures as well as reportage, pictures that stand against the test of time and does not lose value as time goes by.

But that does not limit your pictures to only black and white. Any skillful photographers will always know to combine colored pictures among the black and white to tell even better stories.

Finding the one true reportage photographer

There’s an easy way to do this. Because reportage pictures need to contain stories in them, ask for those potential photographers what kind of story can they tell from the pictures that they claimed to have been taken in reportage style?

There’s also the necessity to see how one picture fit with the overall of an album, so asking for an album preview of his previous works is also a great idea.

As you can see, having the knowledge about reportage gay wedding photographer is very beneficial as you get to week the fakers from the professionals. You don’t want them to just come and take pictures, but you want them to make meaningful pictures of that special day because you’ve got only one chance to do it.

We hope that this can help you in finding the best wedding photographer for your meaningful day.