How Long You should Expect to Get Your Wedding Photos Back

alternative wedding photographerSo you’ve arrived back from your honeymoon and it’s been a week since your alternative wedding photographer finished taking photos of your wedding moments, and yet you haven’t received any news nor samples of your edited wedding photos. Is it normal? Are the results gonna worth the wait?

Those are the questions that couples would ask themselves when waiting for their wedding photos sent back to them. To some extent, waiting for your wedding photos indeed is a pain in the ass. However, you should be aware that somewhere out there, your photographer is working hard to work wonders with your photos.

Extensive editing process

One thing that you should know is that once a wedding is finished, the work of a photographer is just getting started. He would need to take a look of each photo that he took and determine the best ones to be put in the photo album. In addition, he is also expected to do the required editing measures to each and every photo.

This is what makes it a long-standing process, hence the wait. To ensure that every single photo is uploaded to the photo editor platform alone, a photographer could spend several days, not to mention if there’s any error in the process. And don’t mention the editing process (this is where your photographer could turn average photos into a real deal), as it could take months, if not weeks, to complete. Moreover, your wedding most likely is not the only project he works on. There are more than thousands of photos that he needs to get done at the same time.

Most of the times, the number of staff your alternative wedding photographer hires also determines the duration of editing process that he would get through. Interestingly, some professional photographers refure to hire anyone to do the editing process simply because they want the best results for you. So, you should ask him in advance about whether he has staff backing him up or not.

Normally, wedding photos should be ready within 3 to 12 weeks after the wedding. However, if after 12 weeks there is no news nor notification from your photographer, you should start proactively contacting him and asking him directly. One thing you should keep in mind is that he will never intend to let you down, so you should consider asking him nicely without intimidating.

Tips for overcoming your worries

There are a number of tips that you could follow to prevent any worries while waiting for your wedding photos sent back to you. Those tips include the following:

  • Make sure to establish a contract with your photographer just in case something goes unintentionally wrong. This is to provide more insurance to the services he provides
  • You should clarify several things upfront before sealing the deal with your photographer. Some key questions like what style does he use or what included in the service package are would be crucial for you to establish a mutual trust with your photographer
  • Ask for samples of his work to be sent within the first two weeks or so. This is to ensure that he actually is working on our project

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