Lighting Techniques for Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyWhen it comes to natural wedding photography, the lighting can be a bit difficult to work with- particularly if you are newer to the techniques of it. However, there are a few easy tricks you can learn or pick up on to make these techniques a bit easier to get used to.

  • Positioning of the Couple

If you can understand how to position a couple so that the lights can catch them just right, then you’ve already won half the battle. The other half is positioning the lights themselves. You have to keep in mind the various types of lighting and how it can apply to using the lights that are already around you.

For example, you wouldn’t want to use only the sun in the middle of a bright day, you may find it more suitable to position a couple under the shade of a tree or building where the light is somewhat dimmed. With that shadowing, you can position your model however you see fit without having to worry too much about the sun glaring down on them.

  • Positioning the Camera

Just as with the sunlight, the reverse of this principle applies at darker times. For example: with natural wedding photography, if you have a bride and groom dancing during the night when there are only dimmed lights, you will want to position yourself to where you can catch a beautifully lit picture that’s just bright enough for you to see both bride and groom.

This can be achieved by placing the camera in the darker area of the room, and allowing the bride and groom to reach a placement where the dim lights that surround them are just bright enough for you to get a perfect candid photo of their dance.

  • Using What is Available to You

When you are using natural lighting, remember that it doesn’t actually entirely exclude artificial lights. It just excludes any lighting equipment and what isn’t already there available and ready for you to use. Decoration lights and normal lamps are not only perfectly acceptable, but also completely encouraged.

With the artificial lights, you have some more leeway in the movement and situating of where the light comes from. You can redirect it to wherever you see fit, which will open up endless possibilities for you to explore. These light sources can be moved or shrouded however necessary for the image you wish to create, without affecting the nature of the image.

Natural wedding photography does not mean cutting out unnatural light. It just means only using what is already around you, such as the normal lights you would see in a living room or at a dance hall. These lights can be utilized and manipulated in many ways, using normal everyday items or even just by having the model stand a certain way.

Knowing where to place the model and the times of day to use certain lighting techniques is key in natural wedding photography for Boho Chic Weddings, just as well as knowing how to utilize and change the lights that already exist around you without completely changing the scene.